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Intellectual Licensing is a new type of consultancy: results-based and real.  We work on long term engagements that generate short term, repeatable wins for our clients.  We focus on uncovering value in intellectual property, driving new partnerships abroad and across industry, and building predictable company revenue from innovation.


GG Profile 2013Gavin Gillas

Intellectual Licensing started as a project to help innovators get better results from their products.  Founder Gavin Gillas has a longstanding passion for technology and entrepreneurship. As a teenager at his first regional science fair competition, he exhibited the conversion of a gas to electric moped, which had to be demoed indoors because he was too young to drive it on the road.

Gavin leads the company’s business development and project management initiatives. He has degrees in international business and law and has worked abroad throughout Central and South America.  Gavin currently volunteers as a elementary school Spanish instructor and as a non-profit organizer and facilitator at Up Global.

Intellectual Licensing’s teams assemble on a per-project basis and draw on various backgrounds in intellectual property, international business transactions, biochemistry, genetics, engineering, sales, marketing, and technology licensing.